The OEE brings together savings professionals and researchers in Europe who wish to improve knowledge and understanding of savings, credit and investment. OEE Insights presents both descriptive and normative work carried out by OEE members and by the OEE team. These articles are the result of our continuous monitoring of market trends, the practical experience of our members and of studies commissioned by European and international institutions.

OEE Insights N°4: December 2016

In this edition:

Réflexions sur la politique monétaire. Un point de vue européen, Jacques de Larosière, Président de l'Observatoire de l'Epargne Européenne

OEE Insights N°3: November 2016

In this edition:

• Long-run saving and monetary policy, Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB
• Consequences of present Euro area monetary policy on savings and capital wealth formation,
Jacques de Larosière, President of the Observatoire de l‘Epargne Européenne
Effects on providers of long term savings and other players,
Andreas J. Zehnder, Chairman of the Association of Private Bausparkassen e. V.

OEE Insights N°2: June 2016

In this edition:

The “new normal” for savings in Italy: More products under management and less bonds, Lea Zicchino, Prometeia, OEE member

ECB rates and Europe’s over-saving problem, Paul Jackson, Source, OEE member

La longévité : combien coûte-elle aux assureurs, Benameur Amrani, Economiste et Actuaire certifié IA, Auguste Mpacko Priso, BPCE, OEE member, and University Paris-Saclay

OEE Insights N°1: February 2016

In this edition:

- Que devient l’épargne dans une ère de taux bas ?, Jacques de Larosière, President, OEE

- Les épargnants parviennent-ils à préserver le retour sur investissement de leurs placements financiers ?, Didier Davydoff, Director, OEE

- Prévoir, aider, transmettre: les Français face à la longue vie, Alain Tourdjman, Director of Economic Forecasting and Research, BPCE, member of the OEE

- Savings in times of lowest interest rates – savings culture at stake? Some thoughts on the present and future of savings, Juri Schudrowitz, Chief Economist, Verband der Privaten Bausparkassen, member of the OEE