February 2021

Publication of “Rebond : Financement des entreprises européennes” (French only)

La Banque Postale published a study on the financing of European compagnies.

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December 2020

Publication of “Rebond : Epargne et confinement” (French only)

La Banque Postale published a study on households’ savings during the first lockdown in 2020.

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September 25th, 2020

“Long-Term and Pension Savings – The Real Return -2020 Edition”

Better Finance released its eighth edition of its report on the Real Return of Long-Term and Pension Savings.The OEE contributed to this edition by writting the report of four countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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For more information: Better Finance website

September 21st, 2020

“12 principles to save and invest in mid and long term financial products”

The AFG published an educational guide intended for savers, to help them save more effectively in mid and long-term financial investments.

September 2019

Livre Blanc de l’Education financière (French only)

Publication by the AFG with the collaboration of Grégoire Naacke, Director of the OEE.

December 2018

Pourquoi l’offre de produits offerts aux particuliers doit être repensée

Article by Marie Brière (Head of Investor Research Center, Amundi, Affiliate Professor, Paris Dauphine University) et Xavier Collot (Chairman of the Employee Savings and Retirement Committee, AFG) in the supplément to No. 826 of Revue Banque


Savings: keys for a real success

Study by Jean Eyraud (honorary president of the Af2i)