July 11: Publication of the Baromètre Epargne BPCE

Alain Tourdjman, director of economic studies at Groupe BPCE and Eric Buffandeau, deputy director of economic studies, discuss French savings and investment prospects in a context of declining interest rates and rising purchasing power.

Baromètre Epargne BPCE (French only)

July 2: The OEE appoints Jean Eyraud as Vice-President and renews the mandate of 11 directors

Tuesday, July 2, the OEE held its annual General Meeting at Amundi, founding member of the association.

Jean EYRAUD was unanimously elected by the members as Vice-President. He will serve alongside the President, Jacques de LAROSIERE, Honorary Governor of the Bank of France, former Managing Director of the IMF, former President of the EBRD and a member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

Jean EYRAUD began his career as a lawyer (1980-86) and then a proxy, in charge of employee savings, the coverage of social liabilities, investment portfolios within SAPAR Finance, financial company of the EDF Group (1987). -98). He was then Head of the Asset Management Division at EDF's Finance Department (1998-2011), in charge of employee savings and pension savings, the coverage of the company's social liabilities and assets for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and downstream of the fuel cycle.

From 2002 to 2015, he was Chairman of the Investment Committee and Vice-Chairman of AFTE (2008-2011). He chaired the Af2i (French Association of Institutional Investors) from 2011 to 2017. Since then, he continues to work for Af2i as Honorary President and Advisor to the President.

He has been a member of the AMF's advisory committee on management and institutional investors since 2012.

Appointed in July 2018 as Director of the OEE, taking over from Didier DAVYDOFF, Grégoire NAACKE continues to ensure the operational management of the association.

On the occasion of the General Assembly, the members of the OEE also renewed or approved the mandate of the 11 directors of the association:

Jacques de Larosière, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jean Eyraud, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Pierre Bollon, General Secretary

Didier Davydoff, former Director and individual member

Laurent Quignon, Treasurer and representative of BNP Paribas

Thomas Valli, AFG representative

Marie Brière, Amundi Asset Management representative

Alain Duchateau, Banque de France representative

Isabelle Laudier, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations representative

Christian König, Association of Private Bausparkassen representative

Alain Tourdjman, BPCE representative

June 24: CDC Prevoyance Forum

Grégoire Naacke, director of the OEE, and Didier Davydoff, administrator, participated in a conference organized in Rabat by the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion du Maroc (CDG) on the theme "Our Relationship to our Retirement and our Elders".

This event, which was attended by eminent personalities and prestigious experts, focused on two major issues, first the link of young workers with the preparation of their retirement plans, then socio-demographic and economic aspects linked to the households nuclearization.

Indeed, at a time when the national debate on retirement is dominated by technical issues related to the reform process, the CDG has chosen to approach this theme through the anthropological and social prism, just as important for building a fair, just and sustainable pension ecosystem.

Press review (French only)

May 15: Overview of Savings in Europe No.38

A new issue of the Overview of Savings in Europe was published in May.

This document, published 3 to 4 times a year, describes savings outlook / trends and household behaviors in six different European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom). It is available both in French and English.

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April 11: 14th Institutional Investor Forum

A panel of institutional investors from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, French-speaking Africa is meeting on April 11, at the initiative of AGEFI, to deal with some subjects at the heart of the news:

- End of ECB QE, rate hike, recession in the United States: the crucial points of the macroeconomic environment in mid-2019

- What are your new criteria for your credit? Investment Grade and High Yield in 2019

- Management fees: is the war declared?

- How will the SDGs now structure institutional investments?

- Market valuation Equity, volatility, hedging strategies ... in 2019

Page of the event

April 1st: Latvian meeting

As part of a mission with the EBRD and the European Commission for the Latvian Ministry of Finance, IEM-Finance presented its final report in Riga in April. As a result of this mission, the EBRD and the European Commission continue to promote the integration of the pan-Baltic capital market. The OEE can help them in this process.

Press release

March 18 & 19: 12th Financial Risks International Forum

The Institut Louis Bachelier, in cooperation with the Fondation du Risque, the Europlace Institute of Finance and the Louis Bachelier "Finance and Sustainable Growth" Laboratory, is pleased to invite you to the 12th Financial Risks International Forum.

In the current context, this year's forum focused on “Low Interest Rate Environment: Search for Yield, Risk Management and Transitions”

The aim of this 12th Financial Risks International Forum is to highlight the methodological and regulatory challenges confronting financial players in a low interest rate environment and the transition to a ‘new normal’.

Interest rates in major developed countries have reached historically low levels. Risk premia of traditional asset classes reduced significantly. In this environment, banks, insurance companies and institutional investors face the challenge of generating sufficient returns to meet their commitments. They are tempted to turn to alternative asset classes or riskier investment strategies. The compression of yields leads to competitive pressure on costs and the development of new, less regulated players. This exceptional situation, by historical standards, raises important questions on interest rate modeling, monetary policy effectiveness, the construction of adapted stress tests, financial institutions’ risk-taking behavior, and the impact of low rates on price trajectories and financial stability.

Grégoire Naacke, Director of the OEE, spoke on the theme "Low Rates and Household Behavior".


January: Loi PACTE: savings, the keys to a real success

Within the framework of the PACTE bill, Jean Eyraud, honorary president & advisor to the President of Af2i, has published a paper on the essential characteristics that the various long-term savings formulas should have in order to succeed and grow significantly in outstanding amounts.

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