March: Financial Education for the Elderly and Vulnerable

As part of the FinKit project on financial education, the OEE has prepared a fact sheet on the possibility of setting up a financial guidance service for low-income individuals.

This form can be downloaded from the website dedicated to the project. The site also contains the results of various works carried out by the partners of the FinKit project (CeRP, CECE, IPS of Sétubal, OEE, Ufficio Pio) or external actors (Municipality of Turin, Bank of Italy...) to encourage education particularly in the elderly.

Consult the fact sheet 

March 8: Breakfast debate on Corporate Finance

On March 8, 2018, the OEE organized a breakfast debate in the presence of MP Jean-Noël Barrot. This meeting was an opportunity for OEE members to discuss with the MP about the proposals of his report co-authored with Alice Zagury on the Business Financing Plan as part of the "Action Plan for Growth and Business Development"(PACTE).

This report contains 45 proposals, some of which related to savings. Some proposals will be incorporated into a draft bill that will be presented to the French Parliament in Spring 2018. The breakfast discussions focused on long-term savings and retirement savings. 

Read the Barrot-Zagury Report and the Exchanges summary

February 16: Robo-Advisors Added value and Risks

On February 16, 2018, the OEE organized a conference on "Robo-Advisors Added value and Risks". This conference brought together actors from the world of academic research and finance professionals.

Marie Brière (University Paris Dauphine, Amundi) reminded the challenges of Robo-advisors in an increasingly digitalized economy and in the presence of psychological bias of individual investors.

During this conference, Andreas Hackethal presented the results of his study on investors behavior in the presence of Robo-advisors, which was funded by the OEE during the 2016 call for tenders. The research was based on a sample of German investors robo-advisor customers. It turns out that robo-advisor reduces the behavioral bias of investors and increases the participation rate in the equity market.

Sébastien d'Ornano presented Robo-advisor Yomoni of which he is Executive President. He recalled the challenges of a new player in finance to bring new investment solutions to individual investors.

Jessica Mosher presented the results of studies published by the OECD "Robo-Advice for Pensions" and "Technology and Pension". The new Fintech players and Robo-advisors can provide solutions for retirement preparation thanks to a reduction of costs and a better accessibility of the services offered to individual investors.

Consult the presentations

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