The OEE regularly organises seminars and conferences where researchers and academics present and discuss the results of their research. The aim of these events is to encourage debate and exchange not only within the academic world but also between academics and professionals alike.

Presentations that were made during our conferences have been classified according to the three following themes:

Events that the OEE has participated in have also been included.

November 26, 2014

OEE Conference: what income for future retirees?

The OEE organized a conference on future retirement savings. This conference included the presentation and discussion of two studies recently conducted for the OEE.

The OEE partnered with the universities of Angers and Orléans to conduct a detailed analysis of the French pension system and to measure the impact of the parameters changes of pay-as-you-go systems and complementary pension resulting from successive reforms. Researchers calculated the “Rights to Pension Property Equivalent”. This concept was applied both to the whole system (in order to estimate its sustainability) as well as to an individual scale, notably to measure the loss of income induced by reforms.

The OCDE, the OEE and the INSEE partnered for the second research program. Prospective micro-simulations have been conducted in several countries concerning future pension of each individual. The evolution of their professional career, the evolution of their contributions to the pay-as-you-go pension system and private pension plans were simulated. It aims at identifying people that are likely to fall below the poverty line in each country.

These works show the importance of savings to ensure a standard of living without a significant change to retirees.