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SAVINGS TRENDS: instruction guide

Since 2005, the OEE has been publishing an “overview of savings in Europe”, gathering the key indicators and commenting the latest trends of savings behaviors. The overview more specifically covers the six biggest European countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy,  Spain and Belgium..

You can access the last overview about savings as well as previous publications (archives for the last nine years). The summary of each overview is freely available. For a better search and navigation, you can access to any publication by subject or date.

You can also search all the indicators or highlights about savings by selecting the financial or non-financial asset class and the date. Besides, some of the structural developments shown in boxes can also be consulted.

Thus, you can access the comments concerning the impact of the price of each asset class on savings, the evolution of the main aggregates (savings rate, financial investment rate, loan to income ratio) and country by country detailed analysis’s about time deposits, bank savings accounts, equity investment, bond investment, investment funds, contributions to pension funds and life insurance contracts, housing and consumer loan as well as housing investments.

Full versions of each published overview are also available for download (pdf file)